2023 Presidential Poster: Nnamani distances self.

Says it is the handiwork of enthusiasts.

The former President of the Senate, Senator Ken Nnamani has denied endorsement or involvement in the circulation of campaign poster declaring his interest in the presidential race come 2023.

Nnamani distance himself from the said poster which reads; “Nigerians Ask for SKN” stating also thus; ” Yes We Can! Strong United Nigeria Is Possible With Coalition Of Northern And Southeastern Nigerians”

The former president of the senate cleared the air in telephone conversation with Tawinjipost reporter stating that the poster perhaps emanated from enthusiasts who believes in pursuing their wish.

Nnamani explained that his party, the All Progressives Congress (APC) has not zoned the presidential slot to either the north or the South and therefore that even if he had the ambition he has to wait for the right time.

Tawinjipost: Your Excellency, we noticed poster of your presidential bid published on your Facebook page.

Nnamani: No, I think it is a product of some enthusiasts. I have heard about it; I don’t do much of Facebook thing. We have to wait and know where the zoning is going first; is it going south, is it going north and then one will make up his mind because assuming that somebody is clamouring for something and it is zoned elsewhere. Am I going to jump out of the party or what? No, I remain in APC. I will like a situation where we know when the picture is clear before I make my intention known but some people are interested in pursuing their own desire , there own wish and I cannot stop people from doing that”

Meanwhile since the appearance of the twin poster with different designs on Facebook it has been generating mixed reactions across the nation.

Most comments on the issue were positive as many see such move as a welcome development especially when the easterners have not had there turn since the democratic dispensation in 1999.

While many commended and congratulated senator Nnamani for making a bold statement with such move believing that presidential slot should be conceded to Igbos as to discourage agitation for separation.

Others are of the opinion that the elder statesman made his mark as a president of the Senate, experienced and matured to lead Nigerians to the promise Land.


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