Election postponement: What audacity!

By Gwiyi Solomon

How can we put in plain words to the world that an election, scheduled and planned four years ago, with a jaw dropping figure of over 200 billion naira, at a time of clear economic malaise could be roped in a cloudy circumstance such as we have found ourselves?

Or better still, how can we give explanations to fellow Nigerians who for their nationalism, have travelled from the East to West and from the North to South, with their businesses shutdown and engagements – such as wedding ceremonies, burials and other schedules cancelled that they will have to wait for Zakari Amina’s “logistics” to perform their civic responsibility?

And the resolution to annul such gargantuan exercise, in an atmosphere – fully and intensely charged for the country’s biggest and most sensitive ritual was arrived at, by a few individual, appointed and paid with the tax payer’s money; a few hours to go.

And that was again, done after the crème de la crème of the society such as President Muhamadu Buhari, his major competitor, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar; the Senate President, Bukola Saraki; the speaker, Federal House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara; Governors, senators, Reps members, Judges and other top individuals of the country had travelled to their various home-states for the same reason.

And such brazen act was hatched, schemed and carried out in the full glare of foreign observers, after over one hundred and eighty million Nigerians, described as the giant and potency of Africa have all journeyed to their various localities and wards in order to perform their constitutional mandates.

What audacity by the Umpire!

Except if there is something they are not telling the largest black people on the surface of the earth and over one hundred and eighty million people of Nigeria.

Be it as it may, the Nigerian people know Prof. Yakubu, the country’s INEC chairman’s postponement of the February 16th presidential and National Assembly elections in the country; in the early hours of the same day was “the hand of Esau but the voice of Jacob.”

Again, Nigeria has been reduced to rubbles by its own leading establishment and foremost agency, INEC. We have been decimated and taken two steps backward by a few individual-players who squirm and wriggle the country like their bedroom.

But we now know better and have woken from our slumber. We have risen from our ignorance, lack of knowledge and total timidity.

Never shall we, the people of Nigeria take the gibberish and leprechaun tale such as we have been fed with by the umpire, in the early hours of today with the wave of hand.

The Nigerian systems and institutions must be allowed unfettered hands to perform their legitimate functions without interferences from politicians and other underhand players of our society.
The Prof. Yakubu led Independent National Electoral Commission must on the other hand note, that whatever they do with the voices and opinions of the Nigerian Masses in the postponed National election will either come to witch-hunt the future and destiny of his children unborn or brighten it.

He must as a matter of fact note that the country’s interest comes first before the self-centeredness, insatiability and avarice of our politicians who feed from the country’s woes and economic downturn to the detriment of the ordinary.

On the final note, Prof. Yakubu must in his quietude listen to his inner voice, which is the voice of God – telling him to shrug off the pressures and uphold the general interest of all as posterity will judge him a-right.


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