Hon Ofor Chukwuegbo moves to salvage the failed portion of Ndafuafa Bridge in Ugwuaji Awknanaw community

The City Rep, Rt Hon Prince Ofor Chukwuegbo has begun moves to restore the compromised portion of the NdafuAfa bridge in Ugwuaji Awkunanaw.

Recall that the Construction of the Nfiaji- Ndafuafa road was sponsored by Prince Chukwuegbo and was delivered in record time. The construction of the road which started in the first quarter of the year 2021 was delivered recently.

However, a portion of the Afa bridge began to fail shortly after, according to leaders of the community who paid Hon. Ofor a courtesy visit few days ago at his Amechi Uwani country home to thank him for the Road project.

The jubilant and excited community leaders thanked Hon Ofor for keeping his campaign promise during the 2019 elections and like Oliver twist, they requested some more. They notified Hon. Ofor of the failing part of the bridge and pleaded with him to come to their aid to fix it before it got worse.

Hon Chukwuegbo, expressed surprise at the report, and assured them that he will see to it.

Ugwuaji residents were excited at the prompt response, as one week of that visit, and the promise, contractors have already been mobilized to the site to commence work.


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