Igbonekwu Doubts Genuineness of Asylum To Biafrans.

Reactions have continued trail the recent pronouncement by the British government of grant asylum to any willing Biafrans.

A former Commissioner for Information in Enugu State, Barr. Igbonekwu Ogazimorah has doubted the genuineness of such corner by the former Nigeria colonial master.

The lawyer queried;” Asylum for Biafrans persecuted! Is it asylum or a ploy?

Igbonekwu however defined asylum insisting that they of two kinds; political asylum and asylum on health grounds. And concluded that the British government means granting Biafrans asylum on health grounds instead.

The vocal lawyer enumerated the following which he considered as persecution;

  1. Govt executing thousands of kilometres of new railway routes and wagons, excluding them is the worst of persecution.
  2. The complete isolation in many important commanding heights of national life is another.
  3. A high state official, head of a strategic Court of law who had misunderstanding with kids snorted, “those Biafran boys”.
  4. Police or deadly special forces men carry out deadly attacks in their region and the government calls it unknown gun men.
  5. Herdsmen refusing their mothers from ekking a living through subssitent farming.
  6. Deadly herdsmen rape and murder simple villagers and there have not been any punishment.
  7. One of their governors boasted that he sent soldiers to invade and destroy a part of his State to fish out criminals.
  8. Over 2000 0f their kit held in many jailhouses without contact with relatives and friends.

The former Information Commissioner wonder if “the British authorities actually carry out a reliable survey before making the statement? Otherwise, they would have found out:

  1. Over 60 per cent of the people between the ages of 18 and 55 want Biafra.
  2. Of the ages above, over 40 per cent live in dire frustration and would hope a certain kind of Biafra would be better than the hopeless state at moment, but they dread war.
  3. Over 70 per cent of the general people are made to crave it, not on account of interest in IPOB but on the hope that the uncertainty of live would give way to hope and direction of purpose among the coming generation.
  4. Of the diaspora Igbo and many old easterners, over 95 per cent want out of Nigeria, and you ask why, they say they had realised that Nigeria is criminally held down on purpose.”

He co concluded thus, “So, is the British mulling the idea of relocating the Igbo? I doubt, and strongly too.
Remember Europe tried it in 19th Century with the Jews. They actually contemplated Uganda. Do you hear me. They wanted to move Jews to Uganda, but Arthur Balfour, in his 1917 declaration was firm, It is “Jerusalem or not.” He won.
Ok, may be, they mean the other? Mental asylum. Nsogbu.
Biafrans, the former colonial masters may have concluded you are all mad, and desirous of mental rehabilitation.
Funny, big, cunning men, working with designs of spies make real laughable permutations.”


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