Politics has different meanings to different people. To some, it makes pple do unprintable things to maintain grip on power, while to others its opportunity to access public fund as the official entitlement of office is attractive in nigeria , yet to some others its opportunity to SETTLE ur loyalists but to the discerning minority, politics is an enablement for occupant of seat of power to show case his hidden personality. I agree to the last submission. Politics expose the true personality of a person . if u re proud, insensitive, greedy, vindictive u ve team of mischiefs and resources to aid u execute same with the disguise of being politically firm, principled and strong willed. Worse, the team of evil geniuses will find seemingly confusing reasons to hood wink the populace while executing devils agenda. In the guise of political correctness, a saddist political office holder will simply APOLOGIZE even though he is not SORRY. APOLOGY IS FORMALITY WHILE BEING SORRY IS A FEELING OF REGRET FOR WRONG DOING.
If occupant of political office is humble, humane, peace loving, selfless , empathetic, compassionate, tolerant, accessible, well meaning then u have the majority clamouring for his continuation in office.

The purpose of this writing is not just to praise the sitting governor of Enugu, gov ugwuanyi who has repeatedly shown himself as humble, peace loving, conscientious, God fearing but to give a discourse to aid x-ray the lives of political actors in Nigeria including contenders to Lion building so that the less than 9 percent following opposition party in Enugu can have a rethink.

Politics does not make a wicked man kind or make a kind man wicked. It only gives u tool to display who u re. It is easy and normal to fight opposition members using instrumentality of political power, make enemies fret but not for gov ugwuanyi. He understands toleration and people wonder why can’t this governor deal fiercely with his political enemies. He is not like the others. He is humble, peaceful to go to perceived opponents. He has won many hearts thru his peace initiatives. The people in opposition say openly without mincing words, they are contesting for other seats not governorship. Even the hardcore buharists will tell u Lion Building is occupied till 2023. The clergy who had been apolitical said No vacancy in lion building too. He has made political inclusion a standard. Everyone is part of the gburugburu project. Why? He is not elitist. On compassion, he is totally amazing. I continually witness people laughing and crying out of joy at same time bcoz he touches lives in amazing ways. Victims of fire disaster were rejoicing bcoz he came there as the fire raged. He did same at timber shed. At end he gave compensation bcoz poor people don’t use insurance in Nigeria. There are signature projects in all LGA and communities so as to decongest the cities and create wealth at rural areas for Enugu people. His projects are neither elitist to impress people nor media propaganda but truly life changing. He seldom advertise projects that’s why the church thru Good morning Enugu anchored by House on the Rock showcased the projects to Christian community to confirm the beauty of having a God fearing, performing governor. For 3 years gov paid 12 months salaries promptly plus 13th month salary while other states owed , gave reasons to justify their meanness. These mean men use poverty as instrument of control. This is not same with gov ugwuanyi. Gburugburu is a life style not just a name. Good things will go round, get to everyone, everywhere. Gov ugwuanyi leadership is distinct; a paradigm shift from Nigerian style, a true leadership narrative of a good man. It is his personality.

We have SOCIOPATHS who populate the Nigerian political scene. Politics didn’t make them sociopath. Its in their genes. They are charming, manipulative, pathological liars who lack empathy, parasitic and never admit guilt. They may speak good English , appeal to people with lofty propositions but these men are bestial in the heart. They seldom consider the poor, vulnerable, aged, rural populace. They are SOCIOPATHS. Sadly, they can’t change.They re wired that way. Sociopathy is a personality disorder, so medicine can cure them. Only God can. Sadly, they enjoy being wicked so like tiger, they can’t lose their spot.

I have a biological father who is kind hearted, humble. Peace loving, considerate. It is his nature. As a son I must confess publicly that sometimes I get offended at how he easily accepts with love those who hurt him so much . It is not because he is a pastor. I ve met Sociopaths who are pastors and they craftily hide behind being strong willed to discipline people but bible admonish us to discipline with love. Brutes are brutes no matter their profession. Manipulative skills and proclivity to lying help sociopaths to hide but there are other traits they can’t hide. They lack emotions. They have no remorse because they have no guilt in them. Run from politicians who lack emotions. They are agents of wickedness. They re demons in human skin. Rural pastors refused gifts from these sociopath bcoz I told them their traits and they verified same and told their adherents to run from these men with compulsion to lie, deceive, inflict pain on the poor at slightest opportunity.

I stand with gov ugwuanyi. Go and get ur voters card. Voting for continuity is best gift to a good man. Good men, skilled in art of leadership make great selfless leaders.

Without economy of words, gov ugwuanyi is a good man and a good leader. I have observed him closely and can tell u emphatically that he has changed leadership narrative from vindictiveness, pride, intolerance to humility, love, inclusiveness, toleration, service delivery.

I stand with gov ugwuanyi

2019, It is settled…

Indeed Enugu state is the hands of God


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