By Buchi Nnaji

As far as the performance of the current National Assembly Members from Enugu State is concerned, Rt. Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo is blazing the trail.

Ofor Chukwuegbo who started his journey to represent the good people of Enugu North/South Federal constituency at the National Assembly in 2007, when he also served as the Deputy Chairman, House Committee on Police Affairs, and subsequently, the Chairman, House Committee on FERMA from 2011, had his journey briefly cut short in 2015 due to some political miscalculation by the erstwhile leadership of Enugu State.

However, due to his impeccable character, and outstanding performance, he saw himself back to Abuja to continue with his people-oriented representation. His Excellency, the Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, in his pragmatic style of leadership, which created the peaceful political atmosphere we are enjoying in Enugu State in this dispensation, and the good people of Enugu North/South Federal Constituency, made a very wise decision in supporting Ofor’s candidature during the 2019 general election when Rt Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo was re-elected.

The return of Chukwuegbo to the National Assembly is surely by divine providence because, with the current challenge of the global Covid-19 pandemic, a true leader who can assert himself through effective and selfless empowerment of the vulnerable members of the society is essentially needed.

The harsh economic situation in Nigeria, laced with difficulties occasioned by Covid-19 pandemic has placed many households below poverty level. The situation is likely going to be worst as time goes on.

Perceiving the ugly situation bedeviling the people of Enugu North/South Federal constituency which he represents, Ofor Chukwuegbo swung into action by taking an outstanding step in salvaging the lives of his constituents.

In his wisdom, Rt. Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo, being a true leader who take his time to plan for his people, identified result-oriented empowerment as one of the formidable tools for raising the living standard of his people.

At the peak of the ravaging Covid-19 pandemic, when many people were clamoring for palliatives, Chukwuegbo supported thousands of his constituents in a unique way by giving each person with #5,000 cash to cushion the effect of Covid-19 lockdown on them.

Giving someone #5,000 in a less stressful process and allowing them to decide what they buy with it can never measure up with the conventional ways adopted by most politicians in the provision of palliatives to their subjects. In the later case, the value of what actually get to the targeted poor people is usually below #1,000.

As the law maker representing Enugu North/South Federal Constituency, Rt. Hon. Offor Chukwuegbo has continued to record unprecedented achievements.

He sponsored the training of more than 50 persons in Snail farming and resettled them with cash of fifty thousand naira each, in addition to snail farming equipment.

Recently, Chukwuegbo, who is popularly known by his people as “Ochuko mgbada zogbuo enyi,” “Ozoigbondu” or “Omeruoha,” doled out a grant of One million naira (#1,000,000.00) each to 24 members of his constituency, amounting to twenty four million naira (#24,000,000.00).

Prior to that, the beneficiaries were trained on different skills acquisition of their choice. This was to enable them to profitably invest the cash grant given them. Ofor Chukwuegbo is indeed a man of outstanding political sagacity.

The Federal law maker did not stop at that, as he also in the month of August, 2020, gave out many tricycles (Keke) to the less privileged members of his constituency to empower them so that they can fend for themselves, their families and loved ones. Ofor, did all these within the space of two months.

I call on other public office holders to borrow a leaf from the empowerment strides of Rt. Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo (Ozoigbondu), who has carved a niche for himself in leadership and quality representation.

Considering the giant strides made so far by Rt. Hon. Ofor Chukwuegbo in leadership and true representation, it is obvious that this great son of Nkanu land can be entrusted with even higher political positions.

Ofor Chukwuegbo has raised the bar in true representation. He has demonstrated in all ramifications that power belongs to the people and not for personal enrichment or aggrandizement.


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