On Eugene, Enugu North shall stand

It is yet again a moment in time when political Party coloration but personality should matter more to the masses of Enugu North Senatorial zone for a bumper harvest and receptive representation.

It is a moment when quality and quantity, if properly aligned and carefully asserted can produce results unimaginable for our great people; as the public are fast giving up on politics following pitiable outputs.

We are done and tired of rhetorics from political neophytes and are now rejecting the old order; where mediocrity and un-productivity are the key words. We are drained of living a ‘life of slow and silence’; where whatever is seen or given is good enough.

The great people of Enugu North Senatorial zone, an over 40% of the total Population of Enugu State have woken to the realization that another four years is too big a time to gamble with, as the future and destiny of Enugu North is greater than the political aspiration of any single individual.

We have for too long, been living in political destitution and oblivion, while nearing obscurity as a zone.

Ours is a story of a giant-precint beleaguered and eventually conquered by opportunists; who feast on our common destiny and patrimony like a barbeque.

We have endured much of political naivety and calamity put together. But Enugu North deserves something better. We can no longer remain the lame dog, but a foremost political geography and fountain of legislative wizardry.

We are in need of a senator who has the mastery of lawmaking in his finger tips.

Rt. Hon Eugene Odo, the longest serving speaker of Enugu State House of Assembly brings the above traits to the contest of next week. Eugene is unarguably, an intermediary between the young and old generation in the coming election.

His experience as former number one lawmaker in the state, automatically qualifies him to be elected a principal office holder, on assumption of office as senator of the federal republic Nigeria in the coming months, God willing.

Eugene who is the Senatorial candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in the coming National Assembly Elections is as brilliant as he is outstandingly intelligent in the parliamentary business.

Having watched him speak at different occasions which recently included the Town Hall meeting of all political aspirants, seeking to represent the zone in the coming elections, organized by the catholic Diocese of Nsukka under his Lordship, Prof. Godfrey Onah, on the 2nd of February 2019, Eugene wants to set a new order by sponsoring the most bills, with more Eastern interest in the 9th Senate. And he is already working on the template that will give him this result on assumption of office in the coming months.

Without mincing words, I can bet it that nobody in the entire Enugu North senatorial zone is more committed to the zonal Project of achieving a high industrialized and crime free environment than Rt. Hon Eugene Odo.

He understands the complexity of the zone; just as he knows that he will be a representative of all common persons, particularly the children of our underprivileged in the zone.

Let me at this juncture end by saying that our Senatorial hopeful, Rt. Hon. Eugene is the most qualified person to represent the people of the zone. Odo exemplifies honesty, fairness, and thoughtfulness. He will use those qualities to create a better balance and recreate our zonal representation.

On Eugene Odo, Enugu North shall stand.

Chukwuemeka Onah writes from Nsukka LGA of Enugu State.


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