The Catholic Church is blessed with age being the mother church and blessed also with the associated experience that comes with age and knowledge from history.

Unlike younger, smaller protestant churches like the Redeemed Christian Church and deeper life bible churches with their headquarters in Nigeria, The Catholic church with her global strength in numbers had seen various kinds of leaders and can gleen from records and make correct and wise predictions even without esoteric powers.

The Catholic Church is blessed with very educated priests some of whom are serving professors in various disciplines in the universities. During the electioneering campaigns of buhari in 2014, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu said that Buhari change agenda was a ploy to install Fulani in all security services, forcefully take Lands, kill Igbo people and implement Fulanization. The Yoruba media got infuriated and accused him of hate speech. Pastor Oritsejafor who doubled as PFN president and CAN president said that General buhari (Rtd) was on agenda to Islamize Nigeria. APC chieftain doled out huge sums to sowore to make mockery of Pastor Oritsejafor thru the Sahara reporters. . The Yoruba press claimed pastor oritsejafor was weeping up sentiments because the wind of change will blow and expose the corruption ladden Niger delta region and the Igbo who were major supporters of GEJ.

President goodluck went to the redeemed church to request for prayers from Papa Adeboye, but unknown to him the reverred man of God had pitched his tent with general buhari in exchange for VP position to his clerical son prof osibanjo and many other juicy promises. Someone jumped up and claimed that she heard change in the realm of the spirit and the matter was settled on change so GEJ should leave. GEJ was humiliated. GEJ said the election was not worth blood of Nigerians while his opponent said the blood of baboons and dogs will be spilled on the roads. GEJ broke record in Africa and announced his opponent the winner before the final results were released and congratulated General Buhari (Rtd) and returned to Otuoke. The Yoruba press made mockery of him. The Hausa went on wild jubilation and recorded unnecessary deaths. Some drank dirty sewage water, others trekked to Abuja.

Recall that Save Nigeria group led by pastor Tunde bakare called GEJ names and matched the streets. Tinubu spit fire. Oby ezekwesili cursed wife of GEJ and her generation as useless illiterates. There were fuel subsidy protests and even revolution protests to shut down government. Nobel Laurette, wole Soyinka globe trotted to speak evil of GEJ. President Obama of USA nailed the coffin and banned Nigeria from buying military arms from the west to fight Boko Haram. 19 Northern governor’s went to USA for secret meetings. Rotimi Amechi funded the expedition and was made the DG Campaigns of general buhari. Plies Meth said buhari had no WAEC as such didn’t meet minimum qualification required. The buhari media organization who championed the internet publicity said that even NEPA bill was enough as long as GEJ was sacked.

Our reverred Rev Fr Mbaka prophesied that GEJ was bad luck but Buhari is a God sent to bless Nigeria and make the land plenty with milk and honey and solve all security challenges with his military experience. Rev Fr Ebube muonso in Anambra state said Nigerians will see blood and hunger and told Rev Fr Mbaka that he gave fake prophecy. He said that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu gave correct predictions.

As things unveiled, the tiger they say never lose its spots. General buhari was baptized as president buhari but he retained his military background in a democracy. Things went from good to bad, bad to worse, worse to worst and now no one has the correct English word to describe the state of the nation. Nigeria turned from fastest growing economy to the poverty capital of the world.

Chief olusegun obasanjo who had given his support to general buhari against GEJ made a reverse turn. He graduated from open university, so he wrote open letters to Mr president buhari. OBJ said Nigerians were hungry and hopeless. True to his words, suicide rates increased. He said PMB was not fighting corruption and insurgency. True to his words animals started swallowing money, worse bandits in the north over ran zamfara state and Katsina state being the home state of Mr president . Kidnapping became a lucrative business of the Fulani bandits. Zamfara state made a peace accord for the bandits to go to South ward to setup their business and leave the small state alone. What business? Herding? No. Kidnapping, killing, raping? YES

Police, military, navy, Air Force, Customs, immigration, Civil defense are all under firm control of the Fulani Muslims. Governor of benue state shouted and cried as farming communities were ravaged but PMB kept mute worse his generals blamed attacks on host communities for killing cows and the anti grazing law. Host communities went into IDP Camps as helpless people while Fulani occupied their homes. This sad thing happened in many states. To quell take over of host communities, the federal grammarians started play with words to deceive Nigerians. They called it Grazing route, Nigerians rejected it. Cattle colony, Nigerians called it islamization. They called it RUGA but Nigerians called it Land grabbing. Now, it has been called Nigeria Livestock Transformation Programme. Chief Audu Ogbe was sacked for not masking any of the fulanization agenda with honey to deceive Nigerians.

The Fulani killed a deeper life evangelist, killed a redeemed pastor. The leaders kept mute. Bishop oyedepo shouted and rained curses. Apostle Johnson Suleiman shouted. Later the Fulani jihadists entered the Catholic Church and shot two priests and congregants. The priests protested but forgot to warn their congregants never vote for APC to forestall repeat. The APC worn again. This time 5 redeemed pastors were kidnapped. Many pastors killed in Kaduna. Kasaan state chairman of CAN openly cries out that over N300million had been paid as ransom for 500 kidnapped pastors. It is on record that the most dangerous road to ply is the Kaduna – Abuja road, so the rich went by train with police helicopter guarding the train. That’s how bad it is in Kaduna. Even the governor was claimed to have given money to bandits but they refused to stop killing. Miyetti Allah was offered N100bn .

Nimbo people of NSUKKA were attacked by Fulani herdsmen. Before attacks the governor received intelligence and spent 7 days trying to reach the president of Nigeria to release soldiers and federal police to forestall attack but it fell on deaf ears. After the attacks, the presidency released soldiers to protect Hausa – Fulani community from reprisal attack. A federal SARS police was hacked down by the Hausa Fulani at Artisan market. Enugu state house of assembly made law proscribing use of same for commercial activities. Gov ugwuanyi constituted the Enugu Vigilante service with 5300 gallant men to patrol the 440 communities in Enugu and equipped them with buses, motorcycles, licensed firearms. They are working.

A Catholic priest in Ezeagu , Enugu state was kidnapped and died in the bush. Another was killed in Awgu. He was driving. He didn’t attack cows. For political correctness, the president condemned the actions of the kidnappers but didn’t brand the Fulani bandits terrorists. The Catholic priests marched to govt house to register their anger against the governor. They have not sat together to examine the root cause of insecurity and channel their blames to the appropriate person, Gen buhari for failure to protect Nigerians since security is on the exclusive list and he has full control of Armed Forces as commander in chief of armed forces. No governor has.

Governor ugwuanyi continually listen and develop new strategies to tackle the security challenges to maintain peace and unity in Enugu without shifting blames.
5300 vigilante service members on patrol and additional 1700 forest guards and aerial surveillance equipment to aid in monitoring. The kidnappers of traditional ruler and wife were promptly arrested and they confessed to being the same gang that killed the late Rev Fr offu. Hate crimes and violent crimes still take place in USA. The people stand by govt to improve evolving challenges.
Gov ugwuanyi needs our support. He needs the prayers of the priests

By the way, who said the priests cannot raise prayers in government house with their bibles raised to heaven for God to forcefully stop a wicked people from continuing to kill innocent people in Nigeria . Who said God does not answer prayers. God still answer prayers. If anyone say otherwise, then what is the hope of congregants? This I think is a better approach. Protests and social media campaigns of calumny against the person of governor ugwuanyi is misplaced as no governor has control of armed forces except Mr president. Sadly, the Armed Forces are headed by Fulani Muslims whose loyalty is diverted from protecting the territorial integrity of Nigeria to fulanization. If not, why are bandits still in Nigeria. They should be shot since they shoot Nigerians at will. They re merciless killers and deserve no mercy. Nigerians will overcome invader criminals if we stay united. This a fact.

We pray those sponsoring media campaigns against the governor’s security initiatives and solidarity visit of traditional leaders to have a rethink. When you amplify some bad news, u open door for some other challenges. The presidency did not consider the far reaching effect it’s harsh words would have on Nigerians in diaspora when they said Nigerian youths are lazy and adults corruot. Many countries understood this to mean that Nigerians do nothing but commit crimes so they profiled Nigerians and it opened doors for hate crimes.

Anyone using the name of fake reverend father to circulate hate against the governor and government of Enugu on behalf of the priesthood must be condemned. Why? The Catholic Church is blessed with ethics of praying for all leaders and governments as bible commands. Catholic Church in keeping with Roman’s 13 teach all congregants to respect constituted authority. Any fake publication written by failed politicians who hate the peace, progress and unity in Enugu may be opportunity for 419 traditionalists from outside of Enugu to start fleecing people of money that they have charms, amulets, rings and rituals with potency to protect since the church is no longer advocating potency of prayers and trust in God for help in difficult times.

Attack on one denomination is attack on all Christian churches. Attack on Rev Fr Offu is attack on all clergy. Christian Association of Igbo ministers comprising all Igbo men called into the clergy shall be having a world Igbo prayer summit starting 13th August, 2019 at Nnamdi Azikiwe Stadium. Prayers shall be said for Enugu as the administrative headquarter of South East, for the governor of Enugu, the south east region and for the Christians mostly in the north.

May God comfort the Catholic priests, the family, friends, congregants of late Rev Fr. Offu. His death is one death too many. We say never again.

I stand with God. I believe in prayers and miracles. I believe the Bible as word of God. I pray for governor and the government of Enugu state. I also pray for Nigeria. Nigeria will overcome the security, economic and political challenges

I stand with governor ugwuanyi


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