By : Bartholomew Ebuka Okoh

The issue of insecurity as a matter of fact is that worrisome. Whenever the issue of insecurity is discussed I always advise people to look back and by their sides and be sure if the next person is not one of them or their agent. For me, insecurity is not caused by the terrorists in the forest, who occasionally come to the town and villages to attack and kidnap innocent citizens. Rather, their agents, who live with us, give them information on how and when to attack. These informants and/or agents are in the Army, schools, Police, markets, government institutions and above all, there are the politicians who sponsor them. The truth is that these sponsors and/or agents of these cowards called herdsmen, kidnappers are known by people, who out of fear or other primordial interest, will not want to report them to the government.

The insecurity will come to an end when we all sincerely decide to become informants to government. There is so much betrayal in the military that the junior officers do not trust their commanders and their GOCs same as police. They complained of not having modern equipment to confront the insurgents, herdsmen, kidnappers yet, the Federal Government spends millions on the military & Police as shown in the nation’s budget every year. Why has the insurgent, herdsmen and kidnappers not be able to penetrate Cameroon? It is simply because they are committed and sincere to themselves. They look at it as war against the enemy of their state. We must forget about tribe and religion and see the terrorists as the enemy of the our State.
Let us support creation of State Police,It is a fallacy to say that Rt Hon Dr Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is the Chief Security officer’s of Enugu State,Our Goverrnor do not control the security architecture of Enugu State but the federal government do.
To hold our Goverrnor accountable of security in Enugu State,State Police should be created.
Let us empower the Governors Constitutionally to carry out their duties effectively

That is the only way we can win war against insecurity.
Security is everybody business
Let us join hands with Rt Hon Lawrence Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi to make Enugu State save.


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