Rt. Hon. Chima Obieze in his comments last weekend stressed that “he will not support any one who is against zoning”: this has further cleared the view, that we still have people in leadership who still stand by their conscience, no matter what comes out of it.

This is a statement, not common among our youths of today, including some politicians, even in top notch positions!

But today, we have someone, a youth in Enugu State who has come out against all odds to say the truth that many have yet to embrace.

Just like my very good friend Barr. Sir. OAU Onyema said; “leadership, or zoning is by Providence”, which I told him I quite understood where he’s coming from: and must say, I also believe that what has been happening in our political circle is nothing but divine providence from ab-initio, and that it’s by same Providence that we have had directions right from the time of Jim Nwobodo from the East, CC Onoh from the west when Ngwo was geographically under Udi LGA, later we had Okwy Nwodo who was considered a compensation to Nsukka people during the time of Hyde Onuaguluchi, and Joe Nwodo battle, of which all the traditional rulers of then gathered and said, that Nsukka should be given the chance to produce the next Governor.

Immediately after the era of military junta in 1999 the same Providence smiled at what I call “rotational zoning”, which then favoured the Enugu East Senatorial zone, that produced Chimaroke Nnamani who made a pronouncement that power should go to the west, in 2007 the same Providence gave way for your friend Sullivan Chime, who also said, that it’s Nsukka turn to go in one of his 2011 campaign outing promises, which metamorphosed into producing Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi from the North zone.

Today, will it be wise to work against rotation by Providence, which has made sure that power gets rotated among us as a people?

Of course, NO!

Remember, divine providence is only but the special act of God: therefore, anyone who is trying to scuttle this providence, whether by hook, or crook will surely fail!

This is because by Providence we have lived peacefully through rotational movement of political power.

And I tell you, as I categorically quote; “it is the divine providence of God that zoning which has yielded much fruit in the governance of Enugu must be sustained”!

This is one truth many has decided to ignore, or swallow, but it’s commendable that a youth, an uncommon parliamentarian,at the hallowed chambers of the Enugu State House of Assembly, Rt Hon Barr. Chima Obieze, in his usual magnanimous, character and charisma chose to stand by the truth, not minding the circumstances and without mincing words.

This is a leadership example and an eye opener to all our youths, elders, and co-politicians; who don’t care, nor respect the principle of saying the truth, or standing by it.

It’s very imperative that we stand by the truth at all times, as we journey together towards 2023 general election.

As long as we live and desire peace, we should at all times and at all cost say the truth and stand by it

Enugu State has been peaceful, mostly under this present administration of His Excellency Rt. Hon. Dr Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi: who in his trademark disposition and character has worked mostly towards sustaining peace, via equitable distribution of good governance among all the communities in Enugu State.

Gburu Gburu in all ramifications have shown character, fairness, truthfulness and capacity as our Governor; being a product of truth has dedicated his life in promotion of truth and fairness, and all we can do at this point in time is to stand by him, following his footsteps, as well as supporting him at all levels in discharging his duty as the Governor of our dear State.

I and various other spirited comrades, youths, and elders of Enugu hereby commend the Rt. Hon. Chima Obieze for saying the obvious truth.

That ” we will not support any agent of anti-zoning. And by this we stand by His Excellency the Governor of our dear State Rt. Hon. Dr. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi, who in his truthfulness, and fairness has promised that power is coming to Enugu East Senatorial zone (Nkanu land) come 2023.

I remain my humble self.

Hon. Ifeanyi Arthur Edeh
Technical Assistant to the Governor of Enugu State on Media and Public Relations.


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