The thoughtless ban of Okada in Nsukka LGA

The New policy by the Patrick Omeje led Nsukka local government Area, where the Council boss has concluded arrangements to ban Motorcycle operations from 7pm to 6am with effect from today, citing security concerns is ill-conceived, ill-timed and ill delivered.

While I will agree with the Council Chief that there is a pervading high rate of crimes and criminality bedevilling Nsukka Local government area, I want to disagree with his approach and modalities in tackling the insecurity in Nsukka local council.

Before now, I had prepared a memo I planned dispatching to his Excellency the Governor of Enugu state on the reign of crimes and criminal activities in Nsukka, following acute shortage of security personnel in the Area but time has not permitted me to do so.

What Nsukka needs presently is deployment of more security personnel and creation of security check points, to contain the high level of insecurity and incessant bloodbath and bloodflow in the area.

It is rather disheartening that in Nsukka, one of the fastest growing cities in the entire Eastern region, there is no single security checkpoint, police blockades or what is generally known as “stop and search points” across the university town; thereby making the Council area the comfort zone of miscreants.

The problem with Nsukka local government is simply lack of technical-know-how and showmanship by its handlers to come to terms with the understanding that the Council of yesterday, has outgrown it’s past and shadows, and is now, fast becoming a major city.

The leadership of Nsukka is clearly deploying analogue solutions in its handling of the problems of 21st century in Nsukka.

Take for instance the issue of Oriokpa Masquerades’ brutality and molestation of passersby across Nsukka, which continued unabated even in the face of reasons and wisdom. The government of Nsukka looked with helpless abandon, while it’s constitutional responsibility to uphold the rights to personal dignity of Nigerians floundered.

While I am not by the above assertion conversing that government should end the masquerade festival, it has become pertinent to restructure the customs setting the feast to make it operate within the ambit of our laws.

However, there are better things the Council chairman could concentrate on instead hounding and bounding the Okada riders into security cells. That is needless, thoughless and to me, an avoidable dissipation of Council power to achieve nothing.

The Council area in its move to ban this set of road workers must first, consider the hardship and difficulties their actions will cause late night visitors of the university town or even the Okada riders themselves as the crime rate may exacerbate in the process.

These okada riders, no doubt have become the only means through which visitors of Nsukka LGA get to their destinations especially at night, when most of the tricycle riders would have gone home.

The policy makers should always consider the people’s plight first as emergency situations around villages in Nsukka, where some indigent people or residents of Nsukka would have needs to storm shonahan hospital or other institutions require these people they call “Okada riders.”

On the alternative, they could consider numbering the Motorcyclists, in the manner the former governor Chimaroke Nnamani did while purging the Okada community of bad eggs.

In the end, there are more important things to do than hound Okada riders into security cells.

The Nsukka Council Area must with immediate effect suspend it’s planned onslaught on these folks in Nsukka and consider tackling the over-flooding of Nsukka roads especially now it is raining.

That to me is more rewarding as government must serve the need of its people.

Gwiyi Solomon,a social critics and political analyst writes from Nsukka


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