Ugwuanyi: Master of the game.

In two major strokes: by reinvigorating the neighborhood watch and his subsequent introduction of Forest Guards across Enugu State, the pervading insecurity of yesterday has become overwhelmed, overcomed and smothered.

Indeed, every environment has its peculiar problems and a more peculiar remedy, suitable for its provincial challenges. All it takes is for the Chief Executive of such topography to look inwards and hatch such conclusion.

And that was what His Excellency, the Executive Governor of Enugu State, Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi invoked and activated in the wake of the defunct security challenges that played host to Enugu, a state known for it peace and Unity.

The criminal onslaught visited on the State while the evil doers went on rampage with their business of murdering and pilfering the unsuspecting public was to say the least, heart rending.

But today, just like they say, the rest is now, history as peace and tranquility have returned to its headquarters, the Coal City state.

Thanks and many more felicitations to His Excellency and our peace loving governor for showing character, demonstrating strength and capacity in stamping out the merchants of deaths headlong and in record time from the state.

The business of governance anywhere in the world is majorly centered on safety of lives and property of the people, in whose stead democracy is fashioned, birthed and incubated.

While it is common knowledge that the trouble with Nigerian federation today, is general insecurity, orchestrated and championed by the dreaded Boko Haram insurgents, Fulani herdsmen and other locals, it is gratifying to note that the residents and Indigenes of the state can now, just as always sleep with their eyes closed.

That is what governance is and that is what it represents anywhere across the globe. The security of lives and property of citizens comes primary. It comes secondary and even tertiary as no meaningful accomplishment can be recorded in an atmosphere of turbulent chaos and insecurity.

It is on record that the worst evil any government can face any day of its lifetime is the catastrophic combination of loss of lives and property of its citizens. But in his mercies, the almighty God has always shielded the state from such impasse.

And that is simply the reason why Enugu state remains the home of all eminent Igbo Sons and Daughters who continue thronging and savouring the peace, tranquillity, security and comfort that the state is known for.

Meanwhile, We are glad that while other states outlawed open grazing, with its attendant bruohaha and it worked for their environments; Enugu state, under Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi has introduced a new security model (Forest Guards) that will soon become a case study for most states and institutions of security across board.

Again, thank you, His Excellency and Master of the game!

Gwiyi Solomon wrote from Uzo Uwani LGA


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