Ugwuanyi: One Governor, too many Laurels

By Gwiyi Solomon

Coming at a time when the homeland is in ominous need of farsighted leaders with the wisdom of King Solomon, guts of the Biblical Daniel and the leadership understanding of Joseph in the holy book, the people of Enugu State without a doubt have genuine reasons to be proud of their own.

His Excellency, Governor Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi is a mystical revelation from the south Eastern part of the country; he is both a Lion and Jewel to Ndi Enugu. His clout in the polity cuts size of someone who is exquisitely authorized to do what he is currently doing in the state, in the oval interest of all.

He has obviously clinched virtually every Laurel given as a reward of excellence, altruism and studiousness in governance by the Nigerian Media; all as proofs of his purposeful and responsive administration in the heart of the East.

He has equally notched the coveted prize of “Most Labour Friendly Governor” of the year; a major recognition and known recompense for prudence in the management of resources of the state, as well as his timely payment of workers’ salaries, irrespective of contingencies.

He has also landed on himself, the enviable tag of “most detribalized Governor” among his peers across the country by the Housa Community in Enugu State.

To this folk, Ugwuanyi is a father like no other in the nation; and a leader in the mold of ancient servants; worthy of their endorsement for a second term in office.

Ugwuanyi has similarly received the “greatest leadership medal” from the educational sector, as handed to him by the University of Nigeria Nsukka; just as he has been honored with different decorations from the rural to urban parts of the state.

He is in the business of road construction like the hurricane he is; tarring where indispensable and rehabilitating where obligatory in the general interest of the state, so as to make our cities and communities accessible.

He is creating jobs in bunch like a whirlwind in other to contain the spate of unemployment in the state; just as he is issuing loans and grants to help boost business ideas and nurture them to fruition for job creation and value generation.

In a society that listens, men of valor, candor, zeal and zest like Gov. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi ought to have been solely and wholly given a clean bill of health to return as Governor without subjecting him to the rigors of squaring with any contender in the coming election; as was the case in the governorship primary election of his party, (PDP, where he was a sole candidate); a fourth month ago

Be it as it may, on the 2nd of March 2019, Enugu State will rise again in one voice and unison to reelect their own (already dubbed, One Governor, too many laurels); as one good term deserves another.

Gwiyi Solomon hails from Akiyi Umulokpa, in Uzo Uwani LGA of Enugu state.


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